Agua Fria River Petroglyphs

Arizona Water: limited perennial stream reaches and vulnerability to baseflow loss due to increased reliance on ground water requires careful management to assure the sustainability of water resources, community character, and long-term economic health of Arizona.

Best Management Practices Manual

NEMO Best Management Practices (BMP)
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CASE STUDIES - Examples of successful mitigation projects.

LINKS to other BMP materials.

Rainwater Harvesting

The University of Arizona Arid Lands Information Center announces the release of a new online learning module focused on simple backyard rainwater harvesting techniques. The module is open to the public free of charge and makes use of "how-to" video clips, photos, demonstrations, animations, and interactive quizzes to communicate simple principles of capturing rainwater for landscape use. The module is housed at  

Search EPA's Section 319 Nonpoint Source Grants Database


EPA's Nonpoint Source Grants Reporting and Tracking System (GRTS) is the primary tool for management and oversight of state Nonpoint Source (NPS) Management Programs under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.   EPA recently added new tools to the GRTS database to enable the public to search for information about NPS pollution control projects.

One way to search the database is to perform a criteria-based query. This method is best for finding 319 projects that meet certain conditions; for example, NPS projects that implement a Total Maximum Daily Load to control mine waste, or projects implementing best management practices for waters polluted by urban runoff. To search for projects, visit

Another new search tool is the interactive map, which enables browsing for project information by watershed. Simply use the find, pan, and zoom buttons to navigate to the location of interest, and the 319 projects will appear, summarized by watershed.  At a regional scale, projects are displayed by sub basins (8-digit hydrologic units), and at a local scale, by sub watersheds (12-digit hydrologic units).  Check out the GRTS Map Viewer at:

Arizona Water Protection Fund Project Reports

The Arizona Water Protection Fund is a competitive State grant program that provides an annual source of funding for the development and implementation of measures that will restore, maintain and enhance river and riparian resources throughout Arizona, including projects that benefit fish and wildlife that are dependent on these important resources.