Agua Fria River Petroglyphs

Arizona Water: limited perennial stream reaches and vulnerability to baseflow loss due to increased reliance on ground water requires careful management to assure the sustainability of water resources, community character, and long-term economic health of Arizona.

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Stormwater Management from a Watershed Perspective: Extreme Western Climates

This is the fifth program in the award-winning Watershed Issues Satellite workshops offered by the Pacific Northwest Regional Water Quality Program. This program was broadcast on Oct. 17, 2006. It featured Anchorage, Alaska, and Arizona.


Working with the coordinator of Arizona's NEMO program, Kristine Uhlman, the cameras record strategies used to control the massive runoff caused by summer monsoon rains in Arizona. One of the working strategies for controlling storm water runoff is harvesting rainwater for irrigation. Managing storm-event caused erosion is also a major problem; we visit with state and local government entities to view their strategies. A panel that included practicioners from the two areas and an EPA permit writer answered call-in questions on camera.