Agua Fria River Petroglyphs

Arizona Water: limited perennial stream reaches and vulnerability to baseflow loss due to increased reliance on ground water requires careful management to assure the sustainability of water resources, community character, and long-term economic health of Arizona.



Domestic Wellhead Protection




New Informational Sheets on Agricultural Best Practices to Protect Groundwater Now Available


Three new wellcare® informational sheets on agricultural best management practices to protect groundwater are now available through Water Systems Council. The first sheet in the series “Protecting Groundwater through Agricultural Best Management Practices” discusses potential groundwater contaminants that may be found in agricultural areas, addresses soil type and water quality, and provides an overview of best management practices to protect groundwater from agricultural practices. Other sheets in this series include “Proper Use and Disposal of Pesticides and Fertilizers” (created in April of 2007) and two new sheets for 2009: “Protecting Groundwater by Managing Animal Waste” and “Protecting Groundwater through Proper Petroleum Storage Practices on the Farm.”


wellcare® information sheets are intended to educate well owners, home buyers, realtors, mortgage companies and others on topics such as well maintenance, well water testing and treatment, water quality, well components and potential ground water contaminants. There are 80 information sheets currently available. They can be downloaded FREE from the WSC website at, or can be obtained through the wellcare® hotline at 888-395-1033.


WSC is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the wider use of wells as modern and affordable safe drinking water systems and to protecting ground water resources nationwide. It is the only national organization solely focused on individual water wells and other private well-based water systems.



Additional Reference Materials


Arizona Well Owners' Guide to Water Supply, by Janick Artiola and Kristine Uhlman. The Well Owner’s Guide presents detailed sections on water quality, drinking water, well system operation and maintenance, and water testing. The reader is also introduced to Arizona’s aquifers, as well as conditions and activities that effect groundwater quality. Well owners can also learn about well construction, well components, and well maintenance needed for the safe and proper function of their wells. This guide also includes a section on water treatment technologies based on water quality conditions.


Arsenic in Arizona Ground Water -- Source and Transport Characteristics, by Kristine Uhlman. Regional studies have been conducted by ADEQ since 1995 in 29 of the 51 ground water basins designated by the state. Arsenic was not detected above the minimum reporting level of 5 ppb in 1,117 of the 1,346 ground water sites sampled (83%). However, at 229 of the sample sites (17%), arsenic was detected at concentrations above the 10 ppb drinking water standard.

Well Owners' Guide to Ground Water Resources in Yavapai County, by Kristine Uhlman. This primer has been prepared to provide the homeowner with a basic understanding of where your water comes from in Yavapai County, and for the well-based water-supply system owner to understand some of the vulnerabilities of their water supply.

A List of Arizona Certified Commercial Drinking Water Laboratories