Agua Fria River Petroglyphs

Arizona Water: limited perennial stream reaches and vulnerability to baseflow loss due to increased reliance on ground water requires careful management to assure the sustainability of water resources, community character, and long-term economic health of Arizona.


SWAT Model and Documentation


AGWA Tool and Documentation


PLAN2FUND Watershed Planning Tool


Calculating Load Reductions for Section 319 (Michigan DEQ)

-Michigan DEQ Training Manual

-Indiana Dept. of Environmental Mgmt, Spreadsheet to Estimate Pollutant Load Reduction for Individual BMPs


Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC)


USGS Tool for estimating streamflow from ungauged watersheds. Windows based, for Idaho, Vermont and Washington, although other states are being added.


Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC) site for Hydrologic (and other) Models


National Learning Center for Private Forest and Range Landowners


Smart Watershed Benchmarking Tool -From the Center for Watershed Protection (, this self-assessment tool helps local communities integrate and align their watershed programs to meet their water resource goals.


EPA Office of Water - WARSSS Sediment Assessment Methods Web Site

This technical methods web site is designed to help watershed managers assess and restore waters with suspended or bedded sediment problems. Includes a step-by-step, three-phase assessment methodology developed by Dr. David L. Rosgen for detecting sediment problems and source areas, estimating excessive sediment loads, and planning to restore normal sediment dynamics in streams and rivers. Besides the WARSSS methodology, the site also contains the entire sediment model WRENSS, a stream classification tutorial, and a large collection of links to clean sediment information and tools.


USGS - NASA Technology Internet-based decision tool: Invasive Species Forecasting System (ISFS) - The ISFS combines NASA satellite data with tens of thousands of field sampling measurements, which are then used to analyze past and present distributions of non-native plants and predict their future growth patterns. For more information: