Agua Fria River Petroglyphs

Arizona Water: limited perennial stream reaches and vulnerability to baseflow loss due to increased reliance on ground water requires careful management to assure the sustainability of water resources, community character, and long-term economic health of Arizona.

Upper Agua Fria Watershed Partnership


             Sunset Point                                 Agua Fria River                Agua Fria National Monument



The Upper Agua Fria Watershed Partnership meets at 10 a.m. on the first Tuesday of every month at the Arcosanti Library.


For more information, contact Mary Hoadley,


NEMO Wet/Dry Mapping on the Agua Fria River, June 20, 2009.


Community Monitoring Network, report on the Wet/Dry Mapping on the San Pedro River, 2004


Upper Agua Fria Open Space in the 21st Century. Public Meetings to gather ideas on use, problems and managment of open space on public, private and state lands in the Upper Agua Fria Watershed extending from Prescott Valley and Highway 169 to Cordes Junction and Crown King.

Third Monday, 6:30 PM, Academic Distributing (ADI), 12180 E. Turquoise Circle, Dewey, AZ, corner of Bradshaw Mountain Road and Turquoise Circle. Contact Garry Rogers for more information.




Agua Fria Open Space Alliance Clean Up with the BLM





The Upper Agua Fria Watershed Partnership was awarded $25,000 in 2000 and $25,000 in 2001 by the AZ Department of Water Resources to research watershed issues in our area. Two studies contracted with the University of Arizona have been completed.


1. Reconnaissance Watershed and Hydrologic Analysis on the Upper Agua Fria Watershed, June 1, 2002

2. A Conceptual Model of Groundwater Flow in the Upper Agua Fria, August 2003



Upper Agua Fria Watershed Links, Photos and other Information



Big Bug Canyon Country News


Yavapai County Flood Control District - ALERT System. Information on precipitation, stream/lake levels, and weather.


Big Bug Canyon Country News article Feb. 15, 2006. Big Bug Creek Clean Up in January 2006.


Field Trip to the Watershed - Powerpoint presentation by Russ Radden and Travis Holtzclaw   (Note! This is a 3MB pdf!)


Big Bug Canyon Country News article on Nov. 29-30 meeting with the Army Corps of Engineers


Website with Geologic and other information on the Agua Fria National Monument


Photos of Rain Gage for Squaw Creek Watershed, Agua Fria River and Cave Creek Complex Fire